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Coins 4 Kids

In Honor of Dawson DeCap

  Greg & Jon Maher, Co-founders
  Hi, our names are Greg & Jon Maher and we are from Libertyville, Illinois.  Before our little cousin Dawson was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, our awareness of childhood cancer was an occasional donation can at a store.  We didn't realize the personal stories and the devastating effect that cancer has on thousands of families. Research studies that show promise of finding new treatments and cures are many times left to lapse because there is not enough money to keep them going. Did you know that although many broad cancer societies do great things, very little of their resources go to pediatric cancers?  We have founded Coins4Kids to help change this and are working in association with The Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation (CNCF). Donations go to the most promising cutting edge Neuroblastoma research studies.


Deb Maher
Neuroblastoma kids are like every other kid you know.  They run, jump, laugh and play.  They have Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and whole communities who love and cherish them.  Won't you help give them the best possible chance of winning the battle that they are waging against childhood cancer. Please consider making a donation.  It can mean so much to the kids.


Kelli DeCap
There have been many fundraising efforts started in the past few years by parents and friends of Neuroblastoma kids out of pure frustration at the lack of research funding and treatment options for Neuroblastoma.  Coins 4 Kids is joining in to help the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation fund promising research studies and you can help! Coins 4 Kids is a way that you can make an important impact; 100% of your donations will mean a whole new world to cancer kids and their families. 


Pat DeCap
Getting involved in such a worthwhile cause as Neuroblastoma Childhood Cancer is a way that people can truly make a difference that counts.  So many children need everyone's help so that they can have the hope found in promising new treatments.  Together we can make sure that research funding will not pass them by.

Bridgette Melton

Coins 4 Kids Team Texas


I want to give all the neuroblastoma kids a better chance of winning the battle against childhood cancer.  Contact me at i
f you are a Texas school or organization and would like more information on holding a coin drive.


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