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Taking on childhood cancer one penny at a time

Meet The Kids

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NB Warriors

      Angel Kaitlyn                           Dawson                             Molly 
          Illinois                                   Illinois                            Minnesota

   Tanner Gilbert                  Angel Molly Cavera                   Nick Franca 
Oklahoma                               * Michigan                            Virginia

          Jenna                           Sean Hanson                  Trenton Kindred
    New Hampshire                   Massachusetts                       Georgia

          Ethan Smith                   Jeremy Banish                Daniel Cooper
      New Hampshire                    Michigan                      Pennsylvania

Angel Samantha Hughes          Cooper Cates                  Connor Gerber 
      Derbyshire,UK                     South Carolina                 South Africa

      Mitchel Baughman          Angel Trevor White          Ryan Zavaleta             
           Oklahoma                         Iowa                               Illinois

          Ryan Regan                     Gage Bryce                    Aidan Varga     
           Michigan                         * Michigan                         Romania 

     Ruth Mersburgh          Carly LeGrande               Paige Wallis   
           Hawaii                    Wisconsin                          Utah

 Matilda Dumaine                   Joseph Luna                Ila Jean Rathbone            
      California                            Texas                          New York 

     Codey St. John                Logan Metcalf                    Dillan Johns 
          Ohio                                  Iowa *                            Texas 

        Colette                   McKenzie Smith                Dakota Neblock 
      Alabama                          Alabama                              Iowa*

     Jessica Morley                   Angela Hill                    Angel Paul Saxon
       Washington                        Canada                               Texas

Angel Christopher Ramsey       Jay Bull              Angel Ashleigh Kieliszewski
        New York                       Australia                          Michigan

      Alina Galletta                 Abby Conrad                   Jake Harmon
           Florida                        Minnesota                           Illinois

        Jessica Rose                  Bronte Russell                Zoe Bergen
            Florida                          Australia                        Michigan 

         Bronson                     Anna O'Connor                Alexander Black*
          Texas                               Illinois                              Texas

       Emma Johnson *            Alaina Thompson           Angel Eden Adams
         Pennsylvania                        Texas                              Ohio

     Hans Weberling               Chandler Booth            Charli Ann Preister 
          Texas                                Georgia                       Nebraska

       Dylan Hartung                 Erin Keenan            Angel Kody Cannon
          Australia                         Maryland                      Oregon

      Deqlan Higgins        Angel Courtney Saunders        Justin Gaudineer
        South Africa                   New York                        Florida 

        Grace Hodges             Leo Astacio                Angel Kaitlyn
            Nevada                      Florida                       Lebanon 

            Eli Horn                         Aurora               Angel  Marissa Koon
              Iowa                        Connecticut                   * Florida

      Megan Heirons               Emma Clittie              MaKenzie Farmer
      Surrey,  England          Lancashire, England          Washington

      Grace O'Gorman           Drew Perschon            Jackson Boyd
         Bath, England                   Indiana                        Texas

     Samuel Anderson                        Ali    
        *Tennessee                          Canada

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Molly Cavera:   mollycavera
Gage Bryce: gagescarepage100
Logan Metcalf: loganmetcalf
Alex Black: AlexanderB
Emma Johnson:  emmalindsay
Eli Horn:  EliRHorn
Marissa Koon:  marissakoon
Samuel Anderson:  SamuelAndersonCarepage

The Kids

"I believe that together we can find a cure for every child with cancer. There are many personal stories of triumph and tragedy. When told together in one voice, these stories become lessons for us all in courage and hope. By sharing your story we show the world that children with cancer are not statistics-but young people with hope,passion,and purpose."  ~Laura Bush,