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"Nobody made a greater mistake
than he who did nothing,
because he could only do a little."
 -- Edmund Burke

Connor/South Africa, Ryan/USA, Adi/Romania
 Coins 4 Kids

Research is the only way to develop new treatments
 that can help children from all over the world.
If there is no research there is no cure.

 Coins 4 Kids

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Maybe this is the year?

Project Oprah - 2007

Ak Oprah to do a show on Childhood Cancer


 It's easy.....write to Oprah with the above link to her website's "ideas section". Tell her how amazing these kids are and share their stories of courage. Tell her that Childhood Cancer is the #1 killer of children, more than Pediatric Aids, Asthma, Diabetes, and Cystic Fibrosis combined. When pleading the cause for research funding remember to mention that: 


Awareness is one of the most important ways to find a cure for childhood cancers!

  • Due to the historical lack of awareness and funding for pediatric research, there are no FDA approved drugs available today designed to specifically treat Neuroblastoma. Treatments include chemotherapy drugs designed for different types of adult cancers.  More than 40% of "fully insured" families with a child with Neuroblastoma declare bankruptcy due to the high costs of treatment, often considered experimental. If there is no research there is no cure! 
     Oprah will you join us in our efforts to raise awareness?


  • There's more you can do:


      Even a small $5 donation can help! Because Neuroblastoma funding is so limited, every dollar counts  --

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       Coins 4 Kids and the CNCF can quickly get your donations to the most promising research projects so that research scientists and doctors can find new treatments and cures.  Unlike large, broad organizations, donations made through Coins 4 Kids are earmarked for Neuroblastoma research, where they can have the biggest impact!  Just a note: *(Although large cancer societies do great things, they historically have not utilized their resources for Pediatric Cancer.  The American Cancer Society provided only 1.85% of dollars spent on research , to be spread over all 12 types of childhood cancers.  (*July 2005, Research Department , American Cancer Society, Inc.)  Cure Search, the foundation supporting the largest children’s oncology group in North America which supports the clinical and biological research at over 200 participating institutions and treats about 90% of pediatric patients spends less than 5% of every dollar raised on neuroblastoma.





    Contact Your Elected Officials
    Federal Funding For Pediatric Cancer is on the chopping block in the new Federal Budget!
    see News clip:

    Please let your State Representative know that this is unacceptable!
     It will take a lot of e-mails and letters to get their attention, so ask your family and friends to help.  Write your State Representative to stress the importance of researching childhood cancers.   Be an advocate for the kids --Write your own e-mail appeal or click on a sample letter, copy it over in your e-mail browser, fill in the blanks, and e-mail it to your Congressional Representatives.(see below) Or you can fill in the blanks, print it and mail it. Please take a minute to do something good for these kids today! It can't wait, if Pediatric Cancer Research is cut for the 3rd year in a row, it will cost even more precious lives. Find your Representatives' addresses by clicking the link below. 

    United States House of Representatives


     March 2007 
    Congress has re-introduced 
    The Conquer Childhood Cancer Act!
    (the last attempt to pass it failed)

    The Conquer Childhood Cancer Act - 2007

    House Bill H.R. 1553 is an important bi-partisan effort to help children with cancer

    For more information on this Act click here

    Write to your Members in the House of Representatives 
    and help in the effort to encourage them to pass this vital legislation! 

    United States House of Representatives

     Conquer Childhood Cancer Act: sample letter
    General form sample letter

    The Conquer Childhood Cancer Act - 2007 is desperately needed to counteract the historical lack of funding for Pediatric Cancer Research. Many children's lives will depend on it. This important legislation will provide critical federal resources for the treatment, prevention and cure of childhood cancer.  It would bring hope to more than 12,500 children who will be diagnosed with cancer this year and give meaning to the courage of the thousands of children who have come before.


    Help us help cancer kids!

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    Help Raise Awareness


    I am seeing much more clearly now!

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