Coins 4 Kids

Taking on childhood cancer one penny at a time


Hi, I'm Dawson and I'm 6. 
like bugs and butterflies and frogs and
and riding my


I have two older brothers, Drew and Dalton.  My Mom & Dad are Jeff & Kelli.  I also have Grandma's and Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles and cousins!  My best friend is Andi, but I have lots and lots of friends from all around the world who are behind me in my battle with neuroblastoma. 

 "Love you whole world"!


This is a picture of me with my "Dawson Bear."   For every 10 bears sold, Coins4Kids is sending a Dawson Bear to a NB kid in treatment so they will smile! That makes me smile too!

Can you tell that I like Snow!



My stylish puppy Reggie Lou

This  is my New York friend, therapy dog Uno.  He always makes me smile!  He and his owner Barbara Zobian like to keep me company on the walk to Sloan Kettering Hospital.  It took a long time to get 13 cycles of yucky 3F8 antibody treatments every 8 weeks --  but now I'm done! :)   Now I just have to go to New York for scans and tests every three months.





This is my favorite New York coffee shop and my friend Noahy who makes the best Kiddie Latte. :)


This is me in the new shoes, pants and shirt that I got in New York...
I "accidentaly" launched a spectacular jump across a giant mud puddle;
Mom said it was a good thing that a Gap store was nearby!

The day finally came!
I have been waiting my whole life to play baseball like my big brothers;
this is me at my very first t-ball game. Don't I look great!

This is my big brother Dalton

This is my biggest brother Drew

My best friend Andi

This is me when I got a stem cell transplant. I got really sick at first.  It took 30 whole days before those new cells started working and I had to stay in isolation and my toys had to get washed before I could play with them and I had to take lots of baths and it wasn't very fun...

but I did get new Nemo slippers and that made me smile.

I once even got a visit from a friend. He was green!

For more about Dawson and his battle with childhood cancer
Dawson's website 

Donations to Dawson's medical fund can be sent to: 
Dawson DeCap Benefit Fund
 Farmers National Bank, 700 US Highway 6 East,  Geneseo, IL  61254-0180