Coins 4 Kids

Taking on childhood cancer one penny at a time

(Your Name, Address, and Date)

Dear (fill in Congressman/Congresswoman/Senator) (name):

My (son/daughter/nephew/granddaughter/friend's child) _____________ (child's name and age) was diagnosed with (type of cancer) on (date).

I am writing to request that you join your colleagues by becoming a supporter of The Conquer Childhood Cancer Act- 2007.


This bill authorizes $30 million annually for five years to support biomedical research in pediatric cancer.


Everything now known about curing childhood cancer has been learned through research. The funding from this bill will allow pediatric oncologists across our state to investigate the most critical questions about childhood cancer and to translate those findings into better, less toxic treatments.


While there has been much progress in finding cures, cancer remains the leading cause of death due to disease in children. There is still more to be done. Pediatric cancer research will save lives.


I urge you to take the opportunity to commit the resources needed to help the children and families in our state who have been or will be faced with this terrible disease. Please support The Conquer Childhood Cancer Act 2007.



(your name)


P.S.:  Please care about our children.  I hope that you will use the resources and wisdom of your office to vote with your heart.  Thank you for giving this your full attention.