Coins 4 Kids

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Coins 4 Kids
Fundraising Programs

Home Collection

  Home collection is one of the easiest ways of supporting this cause. Simply collect your spare change, cash it in and send a donation to Coins 4 Kids for cancer research.  It can mean so much to the kids!


Coins4Kids Coin Drives 
 Kids cannot win this fight alone.
They need champions who will raise awareness and funds for research, and who will show the world that people do care.  A coin drive is an opportunity to do real good for others and build a sense of philanthropy and community service that encourages good citizenship.

Coins 4 Kids School Instruction Packet

Halloween 4 Kids

People across the nation are holding
"Spooktacular" Coin Collection Drives
and you can join in too!


*Click the links below to Download your Halloween4Kids Packet:


Are you going to be handing out candy to trick or treaters?
We invite you to help us spread awareness with
Include with the goodies you are handing out, or they can be presented in exchange for a donation during collections!  Take a stack to stores or businesses in your community to leave on their counters or just pass them out to friends, family and coworkers and help us spread the word.

*We would be happy to snail mail a packet to you or anyone that you would like to recommend just click here or e-mail us at 

Tip: Pass out flyers ahead of your collection to enable  folks time to collect their spare change. Tip: Empty plastic drink containers (Gatorade, Vitamin Water) make easy to handle trick or treat collection containers using the container labels included in the Halloween Packet.

To Register A Coins4Kid's Fundraiser  
 contact us at  Thanks much!